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4 Pack Venus Flytrap Dente, Typical, King Henry, Akai Ryu

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4 Pack Venus Flytrap Dente, Typical, King Henry, Akai Ryu in 2" Pot

Botanical Name: Dionaea muscipula

Common Name: Venus flytrap

Mature Size : 6 to 12 inches tall by 6 to 9 inches wide

Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade

Soil Type: Poor, sandy soil kept constantly wet

Hardiness Zones: 5 to 8

The picture featured will be similar size to the plant you will be receiving. Please check the weather in you area before buying as it could affect the condition of the plant during transit.

Customers will be responsible on checking the weather their area before buying a plant. Too hot or too cold could kill the plant, please wait for a better weather condition if there’s a storm approaching or sudden weather change.

Please keep in mind that some of the carnivorous plants go through dormancy during fall and winter months. Pictures are taken before their dormancy period. During dormancy the plant is gonna loose a lot of leaves and stops growing.  Dormancy doesn't harm the plant and actually is healthy, needed cycle.

We want all our customers to be happy and satisfied with their purchase. If you have any problem with the order please let us know within 24 hours with a picture, before leaving a feedback. Please keep in mind that once the plant leaves our greenhouse, we have no control of the weather or how the mail carrier treats the package. It is important to acclimate the plant slowly when you receive it. The plant goes through a lot of stress being in transit for few days, and do not repot right away. Thank you and happy planting!