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5 Variety Pack Sundew Drosera Collection

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Live 5 Variety Pack Sundew Drosera Collection Carnivorous Potted Plant Small

Variety pack includes the following:

1 drosera capensis narrow leaf

1 drosera capensis broad leaf

1 drosera spatulata var spatulata

1 drosera spatulata var lovellae

1 drosera intermedia

Shipped free with USPS First Class. 

The picture featured will be similar size to the sundew you will be receiving. 

You’re responsible on checking the weather in your area before buying a plant. Too hot or too cold could kill the plant, please wait for a better weather condition if there’s a storm approaching or sudden weather change.

We want all our customers to be happy and satisfied with their purchase. If you have any problem with the purchase please let us know, before leaving a feedback. Please keep in mind that once the plant leaves our greenhouse, we have no control of the weather or how the mail carrier treats the package. Thank you and happy planting!

Uniheat 72 hr Shipping Warmer is available for purchase on a separate ad in our store. It will be shipped with the plants you bought and sent with Priority Shipping. It is highly recommended for those who lives in colder areas to protect the plant from freezing.  Please keep in mind that the plants are coming from Florida where it does not get too cold, the warmer could activate while still in the area. It is your decision if your willing to risk that, as we have no control of the weather.

Botanical Name: Drosera 

Sundew makes an eye-catching -- as well as bug-catching -- house plant for those looking for a fascinating plant.

Light: Bright indirect light

Water: Aim to keep the potting medium evenly moist. Use rain water or distilled water.

Humidity: Moderate to high. If the relative humidity drops below 50%, you'll want to raise the humidity for your plant.

Temperature: Average room temperatures 60-75°F/16-24°C. It will tolerate a wider range. Cold air may cause dormancy, so it's best to maintain normal room temps for it year-round.

Soil: Live sphagnum moss or a half-and-half mix of peat moss and horticultural sand

Fertilizer: Don't fertilize because it will burn the roots and may kill the plant. Since sundews are unlikely to catch insects in the house, you can feed it dead flies spring through fall. Don't use flies that have been exposed to insecticide because it will damage the plant.