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Carnivorous Plant Growing Kit with Self-watering Pot, Soil and Maxsea Fertilizer

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Carnivorous Plant Growing Kit. Just add plant and water.


Never worry about overwatering or underwatering you plants again! Or buying big bags of moss and perlite just for one plant. Just check once every few days to make sure there's still water.


It comes with the following:

- Self Watering Pot

- Sphagnum moss and perlite mix

- 1/2 tsp of Maxsea All Purpose Plant Food 16:16:16: for 1 gallon dilution

- 1 plant label

You will be getting enough sphagnum moss and perlite mix enough to fill the pot. Perlite helps with aeration. Fertilize with Maxsea every month by spraying on leaves or filling the pitcher on pitcher plants.


We want all our customers to be happy and satisfied with their purchase. If you have any problem with the purchase please let us know within 24 hours with a picture, before leaving a feedback. Thank you and happy planting!