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Venus Flytrap 'Akai Ryu'

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About this item

  • Venus Flytrap 'Akai Ryu' which means 'Red Dragon,' has bright red stems ending in carmine-red traps.
  • WATER: Use rainwater. If rainwater is not available you can use distilled water. Do not let the medium dry out.
  • LIGHT: Full sun.
  • HUMIDITY: Moderate to high (above 50% relative humidity).
  • SOIL: The medium should be free of nutrients and allows good drainage. Use a mixture of 1 part sphagnum peat moss and 1 part perlite.
  • LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE. Just send a picture within 24 hours after receiving. Yellowing and browning of the leaves are totally normal as the plant goes through a lot of stress during shipping. Please acclimate the plant slowly so the so it recovers faster. Please keep in mind that this is a living plant that requires proper care.